As of September 28th, 2013, Sarah Lee Owensby has become Sarah Lee Wagman, my bride, but the ride to get to this point took 8 years, and a whole lot of love on Sarah Lee’s part, proving that LOVE IS…indeed, patient. Sarah Lee and I became friends pretty quickly in 2004, when I left Los […]

A true account of a son’s last minutes with his dying father My father asked, “Are you going to read the bible to me?” I was alone with him and there was no one else in the house, and I answered, “No.” Had I known it would be my father’s last day to live, I’m […]

In late February, the good people of Guatemala hosted a visit from Christian broadcasters from the United States, which I was one, blessed enough to be in attendance. We visited families in villages in remote locations of the beautiful Country, visited children in schools, feeding centers, nutrition centers and hospitals. One day in San Juan, […]

Fish Listeners Respond to SLEEPING DOGS LIE (Just Not On The Bed) Blog From: “Joe L” To: “Robert  Wagman”> Subject: Dogs in the bed Rob, just wanted to say my wife brought home a pommie a couple of years ago.  My first response was What!!!  That is the most expensive dog you can own.  […]

On September 28th, my fiancee, Sarah Lee, and I will be, officially, united in holy matrimony.  One of the things that have come up in marriage counseling, besides the proper way to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube, which we all know is from the bottom; is the fact that Sarah Lee allows her 8 […]

My Corgi, Eeyore has a legitimate fear of windshield wipers.  There was one 10 hour road trip where my fiancee, Sarah Lee drove through the harshest of rains, yet we could not use the windshield wipers, because Eeyore would bark so fast, furious and loud that it would bust our eardrums out.  Sarah Lee would […]